An emotional Graduation Day

Posted on July 8, 2016. Category: WCS News

DSC_0385Before he could get a word out, one graduating Senior, started by warning the audience “This is emotional for me…” Looking around the gymnasium filled with Waterford Country School staff, families, kids, founding family members, caregivers, special advocates, DCF workers, foster families and friends…it was obviously emotional for everyone. Not a dry eye in the room.

What do you say about kids who come to a special school with incredibly tough backgrounds, both personally and academically? What do you do when you realize without this little school with about 70 kids nestled in the woods of Quaker Hill, these 3 young adults would not be holding diplomas and moving on into young adulthood with success? You find yourself getting emotional.  The Director of the WCS Residential Treatment Program, Emily Thomson says, “It’s pretty remarkable…coming in, you see a child who doesn’t want to be here…and you get to watch them grow right before your eyes.” On June 16th, awards were handed out for achievement in the lower school, 8th grade graduates were recognized and the 3 high school graduates received their diplomas. You could see how proud they were and how close they had become as a group as younger children hugged and congratulated their older peers.DSC_0228

The beaming smile that never left graduating Senior Magan Alejandro’s face all through the procession, ceremony and picture-taking says it all. “Magan is incredibly resilient, she is a young lady now, she advocates for herself, she knows what she wants and she’s going after it.” From her time in the WCS Residential program to the Therapeutic Foster Care Program and her year with us at the Special Education Progam…”She’s a success story. We hope she comes back in a few years and speaks to our kids.”

DSC_0243On hand to watch Magan and the other graduates were her mom, foster parents, DCF worker, a CT judge and founding family member Herb Schacht (at 93 years young!).  She invited everyone who played a part in her arrival at this momentous day…and they came. Over 250 people came to give testimony to the work that WCS endeavors to do. Shaking hands with WCS Executive Director, Bill Martin, to receive her diploma you could hear Magan exhale excitedly, “We did it!” To which he replied “No…you did it.” Our deepest congratulations to the 3 graduating Seniors. We are so proud of who you are and how far you have come.

“This day shows the spirit of Waterford Country School, that we CAN help kids.”


For more information about the WCS Special Education Program visit this page. 

Happy Camping 2016!

Posted on July 5, 2016. Category: WCS News

Summer has arrived!

This summmer marks the 5th Anniversary of Camp Cuheca’s return at Waterford Country School. Our 2016 summer day camp features new animals, new adventures on the challenge course and day tent camping.

Camp Cuheca is expanding not only the activities available on Waterford Country


The view at the Water’s Edge campsite

School’s beautiful woodland campus, but also the amount of local children who will be able to come. Last year the camp provided summer recreation for 36 campers and this year nearly 50 slots are available for children in the surrounding community. With another week added, there are now 7 weeks of summer camp from July 5-August 19. Children are provided lunch and two snacks daily. Transportation assistance
and scholarship monies raised from Kabaret’s Fund-a-Need fundraiser and a local grant will help more families be able to send their kids to camp this year.

Our thanks go out to Don Concascia and Boy Scout Troop 93 in Uncasville and Mingfei Duan and Troop 7 in East Lyme for their assistance in clearing and building firepits for our 6 new tented campsites. Camp Turtle, Camp Eagle, Camp Bear, The Pines, The Hillside and Water’s Edge are now individual sites for campers to meet in the morning, regroup and work on group initiatives with their counselor. WCS Maintenance crew did a great job building platforms and installing tents to make this “day camping” experience even more amazing for our campers. From the vision of Executive Director, Bill Martin, to the dedication of the WCS staff and the support of community members like the Boy Scout Troops…Camp Cuheca just keeps getting better and better!


Tented campsites for all 6 groups of Campers!


Many thanks to our campsite clearing crews!

Bring Your MOJO 2016

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We can’t wait for our 6th Annual “Bring Your Mojo” Golf Tournament in honor of Gary ‘Mr. Six’ Saunders. Consider being a sponsor for this one of a kind golf tournament. Every year there’s more surprises and every year the event is SOLD OUT! Spend a day on the beautiful course at Greck Neck Country Club and enjoy a round of golf for a great cause. All proceeds benefit kids and families at Waterford Country School. Bring your Mojo….and make a difference.

Check out our BringYourMojo Promo

Download the brochure from the Golf Tournament Page Here.

Contact Development for sponsorships, donations and tickets. 860.442.9454 or

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Posted on June 23, 2016. Category: WCS News

Salsa, Bachata, Rumba, Cha Cha….a new dance program is coming to WCS! Thanks to the collaboration of Aracelis Vazquez Haye and Sue Sullivan (WCS Spiritual Life Team) and Jessica Megargle from the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Niantic…this summer WCS girls and staff will get to experience ballroom dance. Jessica really wanted to use her dance studio to support and enrich the lives of WCS staff and youth. After finding that funding was an issue, Jessica planned a fundraising dance-a-thon and raised over $2000 to bring a dance program to WCS. The dance program runs July 11-August 15 at the dance studio. We are so excited to add Jessica and the dance studio to our community partnerships!


How To Raise Funds For A Private Infant Adoption

Posted on June 8, 2016. Category: CT Adoption News

 money tree

One of our adoptive moms shares her great tips & ideas in this audio presentation.  It IS possible for everyday people to fund a private adoption!!!

Jen and her husband raised over $28,000 towards their adoption!!!  How did they do it? Click here.

The way Jen got started was by using this website called “Fund Your Adoption|Adopt Debt-Free” at  This site has the most up-to-date information and resources that empower families to overcome the financial barriers of adoption. It also helps families decide what grants to apply for and organize their application process.


Interest Free Adoption Loans

Posted on June 2, 2016. Category: CT Adoption News

Private adoption can be possible with the help of these 0% interest loans:

ABBA Fund – Covenant loan for Christians to help eliminate the cash crunch of an adoption. Approval takes 6-8 weeks.

Hebrew Free Loan Association – Offers interest free loans up to $15,000 for adoptive families of Jewish faith through local chapters across the US.

International Association of Jewish Free Loans – Nonprofit non-sectarian agency, providing interest free adoption loans to people in need, regardless of faith. Loan applications are offered by local chapters and can be processed in as few as 7-10 days.

Lifesong For Orphans – The Lifesong Legacy Fund offers interest-free adoption loans up to $12,000 to help Christian families overcome the high cost of adoption.

Oxford Adoption Foundation – This 3-phase loan program offers up to $5,000 that will be funded upon completion of your adoption.

  • 0% interest for years 1-3
  • 3% interest for years 4-6
  • 6% interest for years 7-9

Pathways For Little Feet – Provides interest free adoption loans to assist families with the final steps of their adoption. You must be within 3-6 months of completion before you submit an application.


Meet Max! The new representative for health and wellness at WCS

Posted on May 6, 2016. Category: WCS News

5210WCSWaterford Country School has adopted the 5210 Let’s Go! Wellness Model to create an atmosphere of healthy living here on our campus and throughout our programs. It’s simple and effective. The changes were made from our residential halls to cafeteria to meeting rooms. We love spurring each other on and being a good example for healthy living for our kids. We are excited to introduce our newest 5210 spokesman who has wholeheartedly adopted our health model. Our very own WCS farm dog, Max. The winter took its toll on Max’s ability to shed his baby fat. His doctor said he needed to lose weight to live a long healthy life. So we put him on the 5210 plan and its working! All new WCS 5210 posters featuring Max are being put up around our campus programs.  Since adopting the model in 2010 staff and kids have created 5210 bulletin boards, 5210 meals, 5210 projects and many stories are being shared about personal goals being met. We are so encouraged to stay on track! MaxCarrots

The Health & Wellness Committee at Waterford Country School functions with the premise that health is not necessarily an end in itself but rather a means to a life that is meaningful from the individual’s perspective. The ultimate goal is to have an understanding of our own health needs and be an active participant in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While thinking what you can do to incorporate the 5210 model into your life, we hope you can enjoy some of the resources we have here: family open gym, our fitness room, multiple walking trails, and our fitness trail.

In May we have Mind, Body and Spirit events that continue through the month. From our walking challenge to healthy snack day, May is a great time to plan what we can do to promote a health filled lifestyle. Join Max and WCS and strive for the best each day!



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2016 Adoptive Families Pool Party

On March 5th, CAS held its annual pool party for adoptive families at the beautiful Mashantucket Community Center pool in Ledyard.  Over 120 people enjoyed swimming, going down the water slide, eating pizza, and socializing with the other families. We’ve heard that the children are still talking about it!

DSC04447 DSC04432DSC04537

Families Needed

Posted on October 21, 2015. Category: CT Adoption News

For infants of all races through private adoption.  Grants also available in SE CT to adopt from state foster care.

The waiting period has become much shorter over the past year, so domestic adoption has become a more viable option for many.