Mysteries of the Teenage Brain Revealed

Posted on January 10, 2014. Category: Children's Clinic Blog

While for many years differences in teen behaviors (from adults and children) were attributed to the influx of hormones or developmental changes they were experiencing, scientists are now realizing that in fact some of those differences are occurring because of what is happening in the brain. (more…)

My Child Has Been Diagnosed with ADHD; What Now?

Posted on January 2, 2014. Category: Children's Clinic Blog

Here are some helpful sites that address both the diagnosis and what parents need to be aware of:

Above are three sites that were easily found doing a Google search on “parenting a child with ADHD”; there are of course many, many more, but these offer a nice combination of what to do vs. what not to do, along with the basic information any parent who has a child diagnosed with ADHD should know about. (more…)

Dealing with the Holidays

Posted on December 15, 2013. Category: Children's Clinic Blog

Everyone loves the Holidays! Right? Well, some folks definitely love this time of year. For others that list of “to do’s” is more overwhelming and stress-inducing than a cause for cheer. But what if you are raising children who have mental and behavioral health problems or kids who have experienced trauma in their past? Do children experience holiday stress, right along with adults? (more…)

Waterford Country School takes on Connecticut Adoption Services

Posted on July 24, 2013. Category: WCS News

Executive director says agency’s work critical to community, fits with foster care mission, needs.

The Waterford Country School, which provides services for children with special needs, acquired Connecticut Adoption Services earlier this year to prevent the organization from dissolving and to continue its mission of providing adoptions, counseling for the birth parent and in-home therapeutic services for families.

“It was just very exciting that they approached us,” school Executive Director William Martin said of Connecticut Adoption Services. “We knew them for a long time, and we tried to preserve everything that they had, including their board president and one of their board members.” (more…)