After School Program

Waterford 2013 A323

Inside Rose Lodge cabin

An innovative, multifaceted clinically supported afterschool program specializing in Adventure and Animal Therapy, Academic Enrichment, and Wellness Activities for children and youth ages 7-18 years old that need individualized support and extra adult supervision.  Students will receive guidance and support from highly trained adult Group Leaders, a Camp Clinician, and the Camp Director.

Outside Rose Lodge – Camp Cuheca Afterschool headquarters

Afterschool Calendar 

Meets every WCS school day from 3:30 p.m – 6:30p.m.  Holidays or weather cancellations will follow the Waterford Country School day school program schedule.

Afterschool Program Activities:

  • Adventure Ropes & Challenge Course
  • Education Assistance and Enrichment
  • Leadership Development for Counselors in Training
  • Teambuilding Journey’s
  • Fishing and Outdoor Survival Skills
  • Animal Therapy & Animal Care
  • Quiet Time and Relaxation
  • Hiking Adventure
  • Fitness Trail Challenges
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Snacks and Dinner
  • Gardening
  • Movies and Active Video Games
  • Traditional Sports

 For More Information:

Tina Cote, Camp Cuheca Director

PH: 860.442.9454 Ext. 4290

Fax: 860.440.4345