Summer Days at Camp Cuheca

A summer camp unlike any other in southeastern CT!

therapeutic day camp in quaker hill featuring animal therapy and outdoor activities for children 6-18 years old

Welcome to Camp Cuheca, an innovative, multifaceted summer day camp specializing in Adventure and Animal Therapy for children and youth ages 7-18 that need individualized support and extra adult supervision. Groups of eight campers are supported by two highly trained adult Camp Counselors and a Jr. Counselor. The camp was designed for children and youth that might not otherwise be successful in a traditional camp dates for summer camp at camp cuheca for 2017 register for 1 week or all 7 july through august

Camp Cuheca’s History

Camp Cuheca has deep roots in the fabric of Waterford Country School’s rich history, which originated in New York City in 1922. By 1929, to escape the summer heat of the big city, WCS bought 500 acres of beautiful farmland in Quaker Hill, CT, to start a Culture Health School and Summer program. The Connecticut facilities were known as Camp Cuheca, a name not taken from the Indian heritage as many people assume, but standing for “CUlture HEalth CAmp.” The name still lives on today as the name of a lake on the property that surrounds the Cuheca Summer Camp, Afterschool program, and Outdoor Education Center. Over the years a number of cabins, camp buildings, farm and support facilities were added to the property and the facilities were developed into the programs that now make up all of Waterford Country School.

Check out this video to see just a snapshot of Summer at Camp Cuheca!

camp cuheca at waterford country school summer open house invitation free food tours demos all families invited may 6

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For more information:

Tina Cote, Tina Cote is the director of waterford country school camp cuheca summer camp and afterschool program contact her for more informationCamp Cuheca Director

Ph: 860.442.9454 Ext. 4290

Fax: 860.440.4345