Becoming an Adoptive Parent

adoptions-callout11People consider adopting a child for many different reasons. The fears and hopes that accompany the desire to adopt are as different as the many different peoples who wonder if adoption is right for them. Adopting is full of wonder. It can also be a complex, sometimes complicated, and sometimes frustrating process. As with any life changing action, it is best to know as much as you can about your motivation, your fears and your hopes before you adopt.

There is no one right reason for wanting to adopt. When first considering adoption, take time to read about the adoption process, and to explore your motivations and expectations. You may do this in a variety of ways:

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  • Learn about CAS and our services by checking out this recent public access TV interview with Sandra Couillard, Director of Adoption Services.
  • Read about the history of adoption in the United States and how the process works in Connecticut
  • Read a book about being an adoptive parent, such as “Raising Adopted Children” by Lois Melina
  • Talk with your family- your spouse, your partner, your children, your parents, and your extended family to find out how they feel about adoption
  • Talk with parents who have adopted children
  • Talk with adults or youths who were adopted
  • Make an appointment to talk with one of our social workers about adopting through CT Adoption Services