Services for Expectant Parents

Are you pregnant and considering adoption? We are here to guide you through the process, from beginning to end and after placement. Our counselors are always available to you.

picture 19At Connecticut Adoption Services we want birth parent(s) to be active participants in the decision-making process, if they so choose. Connecticut Adoption Services guides birth parent(s) through the process, from beginning to end and after the adoption.  Since our agency is based in Connecticut, our counselors are always available to parents.  Birth parent(s) are encouraged to help choose the right family for their child. Birth parent(s) can also meet the adoptive family on a first-name basis.

margopenadoptionOne of our past birth mothers Margarita shares her experience of working with Connecticut Adoption Services in this short interview.  Listen Here.

The following services are offered free of charge:

  • Adoption counseling to give emotional support before and after the birth;
  • Support from past birth parents who can tell you what it’s like to go through the process;
  • Assistance finding the right adoptive family;
  • Financial assistance with medical costs, living expenses, maternity clothes, and transportation related to the adoption;
  • Help completing and understanding the legal process;
  • Reassurance after the adoption through ongoing letters and pictures sent by the adoptive parents;picture 7
  • TALK with one of our birth parent counselors during office hours by calling Toll Free 1.866.WCSkids (1.866.927-5437) or
  • CALL or TEXT anytime at  1 (860) 861.2453 tr-accordion id=”6113″]