Our Waiting Adoptive Parents

Below please find some of our actual families who are waiting to adopt a child. Each family has been thoroughly screened by the home study process. Additional family profiles can be seen by contacting the CAS staff. When you are ready to learn more about these families, CAS counselors will provide you with albums that each family has created. Once you select an adoptive family for your child, you are welcome to meet them in person. If you have any questions about any of the families, please do not hesitate to call or email our staff.


Michelle, James & James III

Michelle and JamesHello,  We know this must be a difficult time for you, as you are doing the most selfless thing we could ever imagine.  Since we have adopted once before, we know what to expect in the process and are excited to be experiencing it once again. Although we adore our son, we had always planned to have more than one child, as we believe we have so much love to give. Although it is our dream to add a new blessing to our family and our parents, families, and friends are thrilled about our decision, no one is more excited about it than our son is. He cannot wait to become a big brother (he even picks out toys and stuffed animals for his “little brother/sister”).  As you will see, we are two professionals who are best friends and deeply in love. We have established careers and finances, but are still young enough to be active and enjoy life to the fullest. We believe that as a family, the three of us will offer a child a life of love, hugs, kisses, support, confidence, an amazing extended family, a loving older brother, a great education, a beautiful home, and many family traditions! Thank you for reading about us and we wish you courage in the days ahead.

Ana & Dave (matched & currently on hold)

Ana and DaveHi there! We are Ana and Dave. We are a loving couple who just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. We have had many adventures through the years. Whether it be rock climbing in Thailand or backpacking through Central America, we are always up for something exciting and new. We now look forward to embarking on our next journey as adoptive parents. We are blessed to be part of an eclectic family with diverse personalities and interests, as well as ethnicities and cultures and look forward to sharing this with our adoptive child. When not enjoying travel, great food or a good book, we both work as medical professionals, a nurse and a doctor. We can only imagine how difficult this process might be for you. We hope you will find some comfort in knowing that that we have been keeping our future baby, as well as his or her birth parent(s) in our prayers.  Thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents. We look forward to meeting you.




Laurie & Steve

laurie-stevenYou’ve found us!  We understand you are in the middle of making one of the toughest decisions of your life. If we could tell you one thing, it would be that we are committed to giving your child a home to grow, to learn, and be whatever he or she wants to be; whether it’s a pro football star, an artist, or the President of the United States! We are both public school teachers, who have learned that all children are different, and it is our job to bring out the best in them through patience, understanding, and education.  Nestled on our three and a half acres of land, we have a music studio, a workshop, a tire swing, and a basketball hoop all waiting for a child to enjoy. If you peeked into our life, you’d see Steven writing songs in his studio, working under one of our cars, or restoring an antique tractor he just inherited from his grandfather. You’d get to watch Laurie creating fun lessons for her first graders, practicing yoga, or dancing to hip-hop music while she cleans our home. Together, we love to hike, take weekend getaways, cook, and visit with our families. Our dedication is to both you and your baby: to make you feel comfortable about your decision, and to give your child a beautiful life.  Please see Laurie & Steve’s profile at:https://www.parentfinder.com/stevenandlaurie/about


Kellie & Dana

seeking adoption waiting

Every family has a story, welcome to ours!  As a couple we believe in spending time together, creating new memories, and spending time with family and friends. Being an active couple we find ourselves often participating in various activities. While Dana is a sport enthusiast who loves playing golf, softball, basketball, and adores fishing,  Kellie finds herself enjoying yoga, zumba, a walk in the park or even a hike through scenic trails. Our passion for traveling and experiencing new cultures and sights is undeniable.  Whether jumping into a mud bath in St.Lucia, touring the coast of Italy, swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas, or just soaking up the rays on the white sandy beaches of Marco Island,  the adventures  we have shared  together are nothing but remarkable. We both attained college degrees and have respectable careers. Dana has a bachelor’s degree and is a certified public accountant. He recently became a partner in the firm where he works.  Kellie holds a master’s degree in education and has been an elementary school teacher for eighteen years.  Together we cherish the relationships we possess with our family and friends. They are the positive people in our lives who we admire and have helped mold us into the compassionate, loving, kind people we are. They look forward to the day we are blessed with an addition to our family.  With this all being said, we feel that we have so much to offer to a child. Becoming adoptive parents doesn’t mean our life adventures will end. It just means our family story will grow and our lives will become even more colorful.  Please view our profile to learn more about us! https://www.parentfinder.com/kellieanddana


Robin & Jason

Hello.  We are Robin and Jason from Connecticut.  Well, not really “from” CT, Robin is from Austin, Texas and Jason is from Denver, Colorado and we met (and married) in Brooklyn, New York.  We have a great story about how we met and look forward to sharing that with you someday.  We recently moved out of the city to embark on the next chapter of our life.  Surrounded by family and friends, we hope to provide a child a wonderful life full of love and adventure.  We are outdoor enthusiasts and are lucky to be able to enjoy the best of both the city and the country.  Robin’s large family lives all around us and we get together frequently for backyard barbecues and  Sunday dinners. We look forward to reading bedtime stories and building pillow forts with our child someday.  Robin is a pediatric nurse and more than capable of handling our child’s first scraped knee while Jason tries not to faint.  Jason, an illustrator, will no doubt teach him or her to embrace their creative side as well as how to clean up the giant mess afterward.  There are so many “firsts” that we anticipate experiencing as a family as well as a future full of love and devotion.  We thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us,….if you would like to learn more, please visit our Facebook Page https://m.facebook.com/robinandjasonadopt/.                                     We look forward to learning more about you and your wishes moving forward.                                                                                                               Sincerely, Robin + Jason



Joy & Keith

Courage & Love – your two qualities that bring you to this website today.  Enough love to choose life for your child and the incredible courage to share that gift of life with a family.  Keith and Joy are excited to grow a family through adoption because we both have adopted family members, and we are open to a level of adoption-openness that meets the needs and desires of the birth family. After years of loving and teaching children and teens through our work at school – we are ready to welcome a child into our family. Keith works as a high school science teacher and loves coaching the varsity soccer team. Joy just opened a home daycare so that she can be home to care for a child.  We enjoy spending time together and with our friends and family – especially playing board games! Keith is an avid Clemson football fan and looks forward to watching games with his child. Joy loves catching up with friends –especially if it involves a delicious meal! We are both involved in our local church and our Christian faith is an important part of our lives. We are surrounded by family and a community of friends which love us and cannot wait to love our child.  Love and courage will form this family – and we will make sure our child knows how much s/he was loved by you from the very beginning.


George,Jessica & Sawyer  (matched & currently on hold)

Hello, we’re George and Jessica!  We think what you are doing is incredible and we would love to be a part of your adoption plan.  We can only begin to imagine the emotions that you are going through and how difficult this decision must be, and as a couple who is not able to conceive a child of our own we are thankful for someone as generous as you are.  We are high school sweethearts who have been married for almost ten years now and we always knew we wanted children.  We were blessed in 2014 and adopted our son Sawyer.  He is bright, caring, and hilarious, and we would love to be able to give him the opportunity to have a sibling.  Adopting him was such an amazing experience and not only did we welcome our precious son, but we also added his sweet birthmother into our family as well.

We spend much time with family and friends.  In fact both of our mothers live right down the street!  We live in a small town with plenty of outdoor space to run around and play, a wonderful community, and a good school system.  Education is very important to us: George is a third-grade teacher and Jessica is a librarian at a public library nearby.  We love hiking, traveling, reading, cooking together (and eating together too!), and chasing around our big shaggy dog named Junie.

We strongly value having an ongoing relationship with you and have always known that we would like our future adopted child to know their birthparents and their unique story.  We talk often to Sawyer about adoption and the ongoing display of love that his birthmother has for him.  Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity, and regardless of your decision we appreciate the miracle you are creating.  Adoption is truly a special gift, and your generosity is such a beautiful blessing.  Here is a small video to learn more about us!!

Thank you,

George & Jessica (and Sawyer too!)


Sarah & Rob

“Hi there! We are Rob and Sarah and we are so excited to welcome a child into our family!! We are high school sweet hearts and have been married for four years. We live in a quaint Connecticut town and run a small coffee shop. In our spare time, Sarah loves baking, photography, and exploring antique shops and Rob loves wood working, hiking, and playing guitar. Our entire world is centered around our community: our friends, our family, our coffee shop, our church. Every piece of our community is so excited to walk along side us and to welcome this child. We want you to know how much respect and love that we already feel for you. We think about and pray for you every day: that you would have the strength and courage you need as you journey through this process. We want is best for you and your baby and pray





Katie & Ryan

Hi! We’re Katie and Ryan. We first became friends in our college marching band. Over time, that friendship grew and turned into a loving, respectful partnership that’s lasted for decades. We now hope to welcome a child into our hearts and lives. Ryan enjoys baking cookies, making ice cream, running, and reading both regular and comic books. Katie is a handy ma’am, who enjoys eating the cookies Ryan bakes, making hand-knit gifts, and learning new skills. We both love to laugh and be silly. Our future adopted child will have our love, plus the love of their five(!) grandparents, aunts and uncle, and our extended family of cousins, cousins, cousins.

We live in a suburban neighborhood with great public schools, just a few blocks from a beautiful park with walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Our home has a large yard to play in as well. On the other side of town, there are several farms, where you can get fresh produce in the summer, pick apples and other fruits yourself throughout the year, see the farm animals, and eat farm-made ice cream. Katie owns a professional organizing business, which allows her a flexible, part-time schedule, although she plans to stay home exclusively early on to focus on the baby. Ryan currently works at an accounting firm, but has almost completed his (second!) master’s degree in GIS, and plans to pursue a career in this field.

We’re excited to share our love of America’s National Parks with our child — the awe-inspiring coastal redwoods, the majestic Teton mountains, the beautiful, peaceful prairie lands, the vast expanses of the Grand Canyon. We look forward to spontaneous dance parties, bedtime stories, hikes, road trips, picking apples, making special Halloween costumes, and just generally loving them for who they are.

Thank you for reading about us. We wish you peace and certainty as you contemplate your and your baby’s futures. When you’re ready, we’re here to begin a life-long relationship with you and your baby.