Welcome to Waterford Country School

‘Where Everybody is Somebody’ is a common daily phrase if you visit us at Waterford Country School. This is a very special place. Every day we do “whatever it takes” to help children and families in need. Through our K-12 special education school, residential programs, family-based programs and community support programs, we offer a diverse range of services to children of all ages. Our kids are the reason we exist.

Featured Items

100 YEARS of WCS

Waterford Country School (1922-2022) is proud to celebrate it’s 100th Anniversary, a century of service! The agency that started out as one family’s desire to educate underserved children in the schools of Brooklyn, NY… Read more »

Celebrating the Holiday Season

Already generous members of our community are asking for ways to give this holiday season. Looking to add some holiday cheer to our kids lives? Here are some things you can do… Read more »

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