Anderson House

  • Reception Desk
  • Development Department
  • Agency Conference Rooms

Moorehead House

  • Food Services
  • Human Resources & Staff Support
  • Maintenance Director
  • Nursing Director and Medical Clinic (1st floor)
  • Business Office
  • Information Technology
  • Cafeteria (1st floor)

Quality Parenting Center Sites

Sam’s House

North Windham House

  • Sam’s House – Quaker Hill, CT
  • North Windham House – N. Windham, CT

Therapeutic Boarding Program 

  • Ken’s House

Residential Program

Program Administration

  • Schlossberg House

Residential Dormitories

  • Adelman House
  • Rosenthal House

Emergency Shelter Program

  • Bent House

Special Education Program

Levine Education Center

Provides K-12 Special Education for both day students and residents

  • Schlossberg Education Center
  • Rita’s House
  • Studio
  • Self-contained classrooms for high school students

Otto Graham Gymnasium

  • Gymnasium, locker rooms and fitness center
  • Physical Education Classroom
  • Stage/Special Productions
  • Training & Conference room with kitchenette (capacity 100 people)

Founders Park

  • Basketball court, kickball field, swings, tetherball & foursquare court

Foster Care & Community Services Program 

foster care adoption and community services program in norwich connecticut
  • Therapeutic Foster Care
  • Children’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinic
  • Training & Conference Room with kitchenette (capacity 50 people)
  • Located in Norwich, CT

Outdoor Education Program


  • Program Directors offices
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Base

Olynciw Nature Center

  • Vocational Education Classrooms
  • Nature Center (1st floor)

Rose Lodge & Pavilion

Use of School Facilities and Grounds Form


Waterford Country School Asbestos Management Plan Information
Waterford Country School has developed an asbestos management plan, concerning the presence or suspected presence of asbestos-type materials in various areas of the school, and required inspections and preventive measures related thereto.  In accordance with federal law, the management plan will be available for review upon request without restriction to the public including: teachers, parents/legal guardians, employees and other school personnel and their representatives. The plan is located in the office of the Coordinator of Buildings and Grounds.