Values & Philosophy


Waterford Country School holds as its core value, interpersonal relationships based upon respect, compassion and hope among all persons at all levels. WCS focuses on developing a team of staff who possess the skills and talents to enable them to establish caring relationships with children and families leading towards positive change and the enhancement of their overall well being.


For over 90 years, we’ve operated on behalf of children and families, but since 2009 when we discovered Cornell University’s
program model – Children And Residential Experiences (CARE)  our value system shifted and grounded itself into the change inducing practice we stand by today. CARE is a multi-level program model for improving services for children in out-of-home care. Based on six guiding principles, the CARE model is designed to profoundly influence the way residential childcare professionals think about working with children. CARE principles include being:

  • Developmentally Focused
  • Family Involved
  • Relationship Based
  • Competence Centered
  • Trauma Informed
  • Ecologically Oriented

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Wellness Model

 Adventure Based Counseling  Drug & Alcohol Treatment
 Trauma Focused Therapy

 Therapeutic Crisis Intervention  Restorative Justice Treatment