Celebrating a 10 year partnership…becoming the first CARE Academy in the world.

Posted on October 29, 2019. Category: WCS News

On Thursday, October 24th, 2019, Waterford Country School staff and board members gathered to share stories of hope and change with Cornell University’s Martha Holden. Since adopting the Cornell University CARE Model in 2009, WCS has seen amazing changes in every program.

Proud to be a partner with Cornell, WCS now hosts visitors from schools and agencies around the world to showcase how CARE “works.” Its a paradigm shift in the world of child residential caring that is usually based on level systems, behavior management, reward and punishment. Focusing on relationship building as the paramount goal in any child/staff interaction, basing goals on the child’s own developmental level, changing the environment to create success for the struggling child, training staff to see the root cause of trauma and pain based behavior, keeping the family involved and communicating and basing all goals on the individual skills, strengths and competence of the child are the 6 Principles of CARE.

In the agency’s time utilizing the CARE Model, we have seen a natural reduction in psychotropic medication and physical restraints. That data is now being studied by Cornell and will be used in further publications. 

Waterford Country School has fully embraced the CARE Model and kept it’s core tenets at the forefront of all interactions becoming one of very few agencies able to sustain the impact of the model over time.

On this beautiful day in October, Martha Holden, presented WCS Executive Director, Bill Martin with the first CARE Academy award making WCS an agency that doesn’t just utilize the model but is a pioneer in the implementation and sustainable outcomes the model is designed for. 

Board members, WCS staff members and community supporters were present at the cocktail reception to celebrate this momentous occasion. When presenting the award, Martha said “When I first wrote this model, people would ask me, what agencies did I believe in…who could I recommend that was caring for kids in this way….and I’m sad to say I couldn’t recommend any. I want to honestly say that watching you and meeting with you over these last 10 years….I am so proud to be working with Waterford Country School. This place IS a place I would send my child.” 

See more photos from our CARE Academy award celebration HERE.