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Waterford Country School actively solicits and encourages community volunteers to work in its programs and on behalf of the school as an organization. The use of volunteers improves the programs in a variety of ways. Volunteers serve as a communication channel between the facility and the community, bringing with them some of the concerns of the community and taking back to the community knowledge of the programs and children. Volunteers also provide skills and services that would otherwise not be available. Note: due to the types and sensitivity of the clients we serve, in most instances, a volunteer application and background checks are required prior to beginning volunteer work.

We have four levels of volunteers:

Special Event Guest Helpers

These persons assist on an as needed basis to help the school organize and produce occasional special events, such as fundraisers and holiday gift distribution.

Casual Volunteers

These individuals provide services that are limited in duration and help out in roles that do not involve more than incidental contact with Waterford Country School child clients. In most cases they would be assigned to help out with chores in Maintenance, service to the animals in the Outdoor Education program, or with the Development Office.

Support Volunteers

These volunteers work on a regular schedule over an extended period of time in positions that do not involve more than incidental contact with Waterford Country School child clients. For example, they might be assisting in care of animals, landscaping, maintenance work, clerical work, community relations, fundraising, technology development, and staff training.

Direct Service (Program) Volunteers:

These volunteers are used directly in the program activities of Waterford Country School, working on a sustained (extended over time, but not necessarily intensive time commitments) basis. Program Volunteers are used to supplement and enrich activities and services to our children.

To become a volunteer, please apply here.