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In the WCS Therapeutic Foster Care Program we address each child’s special needs through a team philosophy that includes case workers, therapists and foster parents. Our team becomes a family as we share in the daily needs of the kids in our care. Our families rely on us for support services, training opportunities and crisis management. We rely on them to do the daily work of mentoring and parenting the children and teens in their homes. We believe “Every child deserves a family.”


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A letter to my Foster Parents – a WCS teen

Dear Ron and Tricia, The time you’ve been in my life has impacted me so much. As parents you have shown me even more. I used to think that I would never… Read more »

Does Love Know No Color– Racial Identity for Adoptees

by Danielle C. Belton from The Does love know no color? The ad campaign for Kevin Costner’s new film Black or White definitely supports that idea, pushing the hashtag #LoveKnowsNoColor while… Read more »

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