“When a child is placed in our home, that child becomes “one of us.” We play together, shop together, vacation together just as  a true FAMILY does…there is no distinction between “foster” children and “biological children”  they are all my children.

When I need assistance from WCS with questions or info, i feel as though I’m calling a close friend. The foster care staff remember me, make me feel necessary and NEVER make me feel like I’m a bother.”

Tara – WCS Foster Parent 5 years


“The process of licensing was long and at times I had to remind myself why I was there. It’s not to keep families apart, but to teach them and bring them to a better understanding of how to become a better person – mother, father or child. In my house we practice service and there is no limit to who we serve.

Each and every one of us will go through this life needed a helping hand. Nothing in life is easy, but the team at WCS supports you 100%. We are truly a family.”

La’Tasha – WCS Foster Parent 4 years



“WCS is a wonderful agency to work with, their friendly staff have always been professional and supportive throughout all the ups and downs of being a foster parent. Being a foster parent hasn’t been easy.  My house has been filled with a number of children throughout the years with challenging personalities and difficult needs. But these children have filled my heart and given me a purpose that has been well worth the struggles. My family and I are in the process of adopting a young boy who we have been fostering through WCS for the last 2 1/2 years. I’m very excited to making him a permanent part of our family!”

Linsey – Foster Parent for 10 years