Who will my child see for therapy?

All of our therapists are fully trained, experienced, Masters Level and/or Licensed Therapists. We do not use interns or volunteers to provide treatment. Contact our Clinical Director at to find out more about Family and Individual therapy options.

How long will treatment last?

Each child and their family are treated on an individual basis. You will work closely with your child’s therapist to determine the length of treatment. You will also be asked to take part in regularly scheduled assessments of treatment objectives and goals.

How Do I know If My Child Needs Treatment? 

Every family needs help at one time or another. If you are wondering if outpatient therapy might be the answer to your child’s emotional or behavioral issues, simply call us. We are always available to answer your questions.

I am not the guardian of the child in my care? Can they still receive services?

It is preferable for the child’s guardian to contact the clinic to provide the referral as they will be required to sign all the consents for treatment. However, if that is not possible or optimal, we can take a referral from the caregiver and you can arrange to have the guardian sign the paperwork prior to treatment beginning.


We accept clients ages 3-18, with Husky, Anthem, United Healthcare or Connecticare  insurance. We also have the ability to bill for many insurances out of network—please ask us to research your family’s policy.  For questions regarding the programs, please contact Lisa Crowley at the Children’s Outpatient Clinic (860-886-7500)