Wildlife Rehabilitation

Wildlife Rehab


The Wildlife Rehabilitation Program serves as a great compliment to the mission of Waterford Country School. The Program provides a model for children in treatment as they observe animals coming to a nurturing environment and being released into the wild.

What does the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Nature Resources Program consist of?

  • A wildlife rehabilitation center, a Federal and State licensed facility which offers a safe and humane haven where care is provided for sick or injured wild animals
  • A Children’s Farm Tour and Mobile Farm Presentations which include a variety of tame animals, from rabbits and llamas to snakes and exotic birds.
  • A mapped nature trail
  • A greenhouse

What do I do if I find a sick or injured animal?

Waterford Country School is able to help, simply call 442-9454 x 4270 and explain the situation. A licensed animal rehabilitator will access the situation and provide instructions.

How do I schedule a farm or Nature Center Program?

Individuals and groups are invited to contact the Experiential Education Center to discuss programs that are available for community participation.

Interested groups should call 442-9454 x 4270.