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Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Families

Posted on September 12, 2016. Category:

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Families (TCIF) is the Cornell University model for families working with kids in crisis situations. All WCS staff are trained in the TCI model and we need our families to use these techniques too! TCIF provides skills and strategies for de-escalating a crisis situation. These tools benefit any interpersonal relationships but are especially useful for kids who have been through trauma and the families trying to help them. If it’s been awhile you need to take this course again to help you be an even better parent. Childcare is available if you RSVP. This class has 7 Monday sessions, you must attend them all. 

Family Movie Night: Martian Child

Posted on November 13, 2015. Category:

MovieNightNovA special family event in celebration of National Adoption Month! Bring the kids, friends and family to enjoy FREE pizza, soda and popcorn as we watch and discuss “Martian Child.” John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Joan Cusack and Sophie Okonedo star in this movie about adoption and all its challenges.

“I’m not human,” little Dennis says at one point in “Martian Child.” So he believes. The lonely orphan has convinced himself that he was not abandoned by his parents, but arrived here from Mars. To protect himself against the sun, he walks around inside a cardboard box with a slit cut for his eyes and wears a weight belt around his waist to keep himself from drifting up into the sky.

Dennis attracts the attention of a lonely science-fiction writer named David (John Cusack), a recent widower who can’t get the cardboard box out of his mind and goes back to the orphanage one day with some suntan cream. Eventually, he asks Dennis to come home with him for a test run and decides to adopt him. The movie is the sentimental, sweet and gives real hints of what a child in foster care goes through to cope with the life he has not chosen. This movie will provide lots of heart and lots of discussion points for us as we celebrate foster care and adoption this month. Bring a friend!!! All are welcome.

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Families (TCIF)

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Are you a relative, parent, foster parent or caregiver….experiencing power struggles, aggressive behavior, tantrums and blowups with the children in your care?

Many behavioral crisis situations can be resolved or prevented with the right skills. TCIF participants will learn to understand the roots of challenging behaviors. They will learn how to assist youth in developing new skills and abilities that replace the need for crisis behaviors.

You must attend all 10 sessions to complete the training. Childcare is available.