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Endowment Campaign Off to a Great Start  June 4, 2022

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Waterford Country School, the agency has initiated its first Endowment Campaign.

The Board formed an Endowment Committee and under the leadership of Board Vice President Ray Currier, launched a 2.5-million-dollar campaign. We are very pleased to report that by the end of this summer, over 1 million dollars has been raised towards the 2.5 million dollar campaign goal.

Since the launch of the Endowment Campaign, a Legacy Society has been formed for those donors giving legacy gifts in the form of a will or bequest. We are proud to honor the 11 incredible members of the newly formed Waterford Country School Legacy Society.

The Endowment Campaign aims to “Build on a Century of Service” and provide for the future of children and families. With this Endowment Fund we will:

  • Subsidize underfunded programs
  • Weather changes in public funding streams
  • Maintain a quality physical plant
  • Fund the farm and wildlife program
  • Implement new program initiatives
  • Enhance our research initiatives

Waterford Country School’s work with children and families is critically important and nationally recognized. The Endowment Committee would like to sincerely offer a personal conversation or private tour of campus for any interested parties to see our modern site. A “hidden gem” of Waterford for 100 years, we have earnestly done the work of navigating the ups and downs while remaining true to the mission of doing “Whatever It Takes” to support children and families. The Endowment Campaign Committee greatly appreciates your support as they strive to reach their $2.5 million goal to ensure that Waterford Country School can keep doing this essential work.

Contact: or 860-442-9454 to have someone reach out to you for more information about the Endowment Campaign or a personal tour.